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Leaking Taps

A dripping tap can be loud and waste thousands of liters of water every month if left unserviced. A poorly dripping hot valve can add excessive strain on the Hot Water System causing the gas or electrical elements to be unnecessarily functioning.

Our team of experienced and skilled plumbers can help with the task of all sizes. From straightforward functions, such as a washer replacement on a leaking tap to analyzing leaky valves, lack of pressure, noisy lines, and more. The steps that 049 Plumbers take while attending a dripping faucet are:

  • Remove tap handle and flange
  • Loosen spindle
  • Replace rubber O-rings
  • Grind away muck from tap body
  • Lubricate
  • Replace fiber washer
  • Replace jumper valve washer
  • Use re-seating tool to make seat smooth and shiny
  • Flush out any debris
  • Put back together and test

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